Inside Dimensions:

10"" x 7"" x 9 1/2""
10 1/4"" x 10"" x 8 1/4""
13"" x 11"" x 10""

10 cans or 6 bottles
15 cans or 6 bottles 
24 cans or 12 bottles

12 quarts
16 quarts
24 quarts

Cooler Stock:
kraft or white
kraft or white
kraft or white

Printing Options:
E-cooler Logo

​​In the spring of 2000, the company’s leadership tea acknowledged that being a good corporate citizen extends beyond its local and regional commitment to manufacturing and jobs in the burgeoning global economy.  Shipping’s executives recognized that it also had an environmental responsibility, long before “green” business became fashionable.  Yet, innovation was required in all its processes to successfully adapt to new, 21st century paradigms.  They instinctively knew that these initiatives needed to extend beyond their already stringent recycling policies and toward new technologies and new products.  Indeed, a new vision was required to not only survive in the new global economy, but to thrive in it.  

The company’s course moving forward was clear and direct, yet undefined.  It began with a simple mission, much like it had when it started the company so many years ago: “Work with the resources and knowledge one has to develop a relevant product that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.”   

After an investment in extensive research and development over 8 years, e-cooler® was launched into the marketplace as a next generation product for the packaging industry.  This bold new vision manifests itself throughout the enterprise as it continues to design, create, and enthusiastically improve their products and processes every day.  Just as the company has successfully adapted to changing market conditions over 3 generations, it carries on this tradition and commitment to meet all your packaging requirements in an environmentally sustainable way.

About E-Cooler

At Shipping Container Corporation, manufacturing and distributing corrugated packaging has been our main business for over 65 years.  Since 1943, what began as a single-building manufacturing operation in Detroit Michigan, grew into a seven facility packaging firm across the Midwest.  While many businesses left Detroit over the years, Shipping’s 3rd generation family-owned company remained committed to the city where it began, just as it has in its dedication to quality and customer service.  Yet Shipping Container Corporation has successfully adapted to many changes in market conditions over the years and approached the new millennium in a similar way.  

E-cooler Products are Revolutionizing 
the Packaging Industry!

E-cooler® was developed as a cost effective, environmentally responsible packaging solution after 8 years of extensive
research and development. Finally a solution exists that gives industry leaders and consumers the option to support sustainable packaging initiatives.