Q. What makes e-cooler products recyclable?

Q. What makes e-cooler products recyclable?

Q. What makes e-cooler products reusable?

A. Our e-cooler products are very durable. We have a unique, patent pending, manufacturing process that enhances the integrity of our e-cooler products enabling them to be long-lasting. 

Q. Is the e-cooler waterproof?

A. Yes, e-cooler products are coated with a special wax-alternative waterproof coating and if handled property can hold water for several weeks.

Q. How does the e-cooler keep the items inside cold?

A. Our products have a strong R-value factor. The R-value determines a products efficiency of insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions​

E-cooler Products are Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry!

E-cooler® was developed as a cost effective, environmentally responsible packaging solution after 8 years of extensive research and development. Finally a solution exists that gives industry leaders and consumers the option to support sustainable packaging initiatives.  

Q. Am I restricted to one style?

A. No, the e-cooler can be manufactured for many different sizes and uses.

Q. Are there standard stock sizes?

A. Yes, please contact us for a list of standard stock sizes.