Become part of the solution—not part of the problem
1.5 million tons of wax-coated boxes go to landfills every year.
87% of wax coated boxes are used for perishable food products if all retailers that receive poultry products switched to recyclable coating packaging, an estimated 615,000 tons of corrugated material could be recycled annually.

Enjoy the economic benefit of using E-cooler products and improve your bottom line
Why waste money in landfill cost when you can use E-Cooler's recyclable wax alternative coated products?

Sell old corrugated cardboard (OCC) rather than paying to have it hauled away with your trash.

 Generate revenues of $55-$100 per ton from recycling corrugated boxes
Save revenues of $55-100 per ton by reducing disposal waste cost

Save up to $200/ton in disposal cost by switching to recyclable packaging (have this as an a*on the side)

Cost Calculation per Wax-coated Box vs. Recyclable Box:
Average cost of disposal for wax-coated corrugated box: $.21.
National average revenue generated from recycling: $.22/box. Total value-added benefit of switching to recyclable container: $.43/box.
Supermarkets average $3400 in annual savings by switching to recyclable containers.

* Waste and recycling cost fluctuate based on average market price and geographical location

Why use E-Cooler products over Polystyrene Containers?
Polystyrene containers can also be known as Styrofoam which is very difficult to recycle
E-Cooler is recyclable and eco-friendly; Polystyrene usually ends up in landfills
E-Cooler is reusable and durable. Polystyrene is prone to breakage.
Growing number of eco-savvy consumers are knowledgeable about the dangers of Polystyrene and prefer a cost effective alternative.
E-Cooler products maintain thermal performance necessary for overnight shipping and for many two day shipping applications

Facts about Styrofoam (Product of Polystyrene)
 *adopted in part from the Earth Resources Foundation’s Polystyrene Foam Report

A 1986 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report on solid waste named the polystyrene manufacturing process the 5th largest creator of hazardous waste.

The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research identified 57 chemical byproducts released during combustion of polystyrene.

Styrofoam is not biodegradable and not easily recyclable. As litter or debris, it harms ecosystems and animals that ingest it, and the manufacturing of the insulating form adds to ozone depletion.

Styrene is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA and by the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC).

Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic. By volume, the amount of space used up in landfills by all plastics is between 25%-30%.

Several nations and cities have outlawed Polystyrene Foam (including Taiwan, Portland, OR and Orange County, CA).​​

E-cooler Products are Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry!

E-cooler® was developed as a cost effective, environmentally responsible packaging solution after 8 years of extensive research and development. Finally a solution exists that gives industry leaders and consumers the option to support sustainable packaging initiatives.  

What is Sustainability?

In 1987, The Brundtland Commissions of the United Nation defined sustainability as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

More recently, sustainability's meaning has evolved to encompass environmental, social and economic demands - known as the "three pillars" or the "triple bottom line" of sustainability. An ideal plan for sustainability would benefit the environment, improve the lives of humans, and make money at the same time. 
E-Cooler products are sustainable and support the benefits of the Triple Bottom Line

Environmental benefit: Using e-cooler products helps protect the environment and reduces landfill space.

Economic benefit: E-cooler products generate revenue by recycling corrugated packaging and avoid expensive landfill cost.

Social benefit: E-cooler products create awareness in your community about the importance of recycling and helps protect the earth for future generations.